Top 5 Unusual Wall Patterns That Will Make Your Mood More Positive

Wall Patterns are one of the interesting ideas to make your bathroom feel more alive. How not, bathroom walls that usually seem plain will look more attractive if you use motifs or patterned ceramics.

Top 5 Unusual Wall Patterns That Will Make Your Mood More Positive
Top 5 Unusual Wall Patterns That Will Make Your Mood More Positive

The bathroom is the most vital place in the house whose presence is always expected to look neat, clean, and healthy. For that, it is fitting for you to design it as beautifully as possible so that you are more comfortable when you are in it.

But some people may often miss something like letting their bathroom walls look plain so it looks boring. In fact, if the walls are painted with color, the additional decoration can make it more lively and not look boring. However, some are sometimes given additional patterned ceramics to add to the atmosphere of the bathroom.

But what if you put them all together? namely painting the bathroom with a variety of cool color choices to look stunning even though there are no additional decorations. The key is the chosen motif or pattern. So, this is our role. We will give you interesting ideas about some Wall Patterns with unusual shapes that you can try. Let’s see a review of the following unique forms of Wall Patterns.

Top 5 Unusual Wall Patterns That Will Make Your Mood More Positive

1. Terrazzo Wall Pattern

Terazzo or Teraso motif is a popular motif in the 1970s to 1980s. Where usually using a mixture of cement, marble, tile, and sand shards can make your bathroom floor shiny

2. Marble Patterned Walls

The marble motif is one of the motifs that will make your bathroom look more classy. Marble motifs are often installed from wall to floor or you can combine bathroom floor tiles that match the marble on the walls.

3. Bathroom with Moroccan Patterned Walls

Moroccan motifs are often seen used for Mediterranean-style bathrooms. This is because none other than because of the unique and beautiful design that will liven up the atmosphere in the room, not only that, this motif will also spoil the eye.

4. Fish Scale as Wall Motif

This pattern is famous because it is similar to the fish scales that you often encounter in Victorian-style residences. The color choices for fish scale ceramic motifs are also very diverse, such as Tosca, gold, and pastel. Ceramic motifs are known for being able to give the impression of calm and cool in the room. The color can also make the bathroom space look more artistic, eye-catching, and spacious.

5. Zigzag Pattern in the Bathroom

Zigzag motifs are motifs that will display a different atmosphere in your bathroom. But for maximum results use two contrasting color combinations. You can use teal, green or blue ceramic to give a fresh impression. These colors psychologically tend to increase the mood to be more positive.

Well, that’s an idea about Wall Patterns to apply in your bathroom. Hope it inspires.

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