How to Design a Rooftop to Make the Night Atmosphere More Fun

Lya Jonathan

Rooftop is an area that is placed at the very top of a building. This area usually functions as a service area such as clotheslines, and places plants other than the balcony. Not only that, but the rooftop is also usually used as a gathering area with family or friends until late at night.

Therefore, the rooftop design must be made as beautiful as possible so that family, relatives, and friends can relax and make them feel at home. One way to bring an intimate atmosphere on the rooftop is with lighting effects. Where the lighting itself can include the use of both artificial light sources such as lamps, as well as natural lighting by capturing sunlight.

Daylighting usually uses windows, ceiling lights, or shelf lights. Another artificial lighting that is commonly used both indoors and outdoors is usually done using lamps. Some lighting is also used to be one of the roof designs in an apartment or house. Not only can you bring a warm feel with lighting but can also make your rooftop more attractive, especially at night.

But lighting alone is not enough, you need nuances and supporting effects so that a warm and peeking atmosphere can be created properly. For those of you who want the right rooftop design, to add to the comfort when gathering, we will provide tips and suggestions for you to be able to turn the rooftop into a comfortable area. Let’s take a look at the following review.

How to Design a Rooftop to Make the Atmosphere More Fun

1. Gathering Area with Campfire

A rooftop design like this seems to be fun because there are long chairs or several sofas put together that are placed around the campfire which will certainly feel warm togetherness while relaxing here.

Gathering Area with Bonfire
Gathering Area with Bonfire

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We got this idea from https://decoredo.com/

2. Private Cinema

This rooftop design is the choice of many people because it uses a contemporary concept. Not only a sofa and a few chairs are placed to add comfort while relaxing. But the presence of a TV or large screen that you can use to watch movies or dramas as a private cinema.

Private Cinema in Rooftop
Private Cinema in Rooftop

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There you can enjoy the atmosphere of the night sky while chatting with friends or family here. Use lighting that is not too bright or lights with minimal lighting but still comfortable.

We got this idea from https://3wheel.net/

3. Rooftop with Bar and Restaurant

This design is not only unique but also looks classy, ​​because the presence of bars and restaurants, especially with the fresh blue lighting effect, makes activities such as partying, relaxing, gathering, and chatting with friends and partners more comfortable and enjoyable with this one design.

Bar and Restaurant in Rooftop
Bar and Restaurant in Rooftop

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We got this idea from https://freshouz.com/

Hope it inspires.

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