How to Bring a Hippie Nuance in the Bedroom for a More Crowded Look

Hippie Nuance is one of the unique concepts that you can try to present in your bedroom. You can try a unique and interesting hippie cultural decoration style for a more artistic look.

As we know before, that Hippie is the name of a people who have a life that is not rigid or free, nomadic, or likes to move from one place to another. This culture emerged in the United States around the mid-1960s. The form of freedom and simplicity of the hippies can also be seen in the clothes they wear.

Hippies often wear colorful clothes, mostly with tie-dye techniques that produce unexpected shapes. Not only the style of dress but their residence is also dominated by colorful decorations with various abstract motifs which then produce unique and interesting forms.

The existence of this unique and interesting impression makes this style one of the concepts that are widely imitated by the public, one of which is in terms of bedroom design with a hippie style. Well, here we provide the idea for you about Hippie Nuance in Bedroom.

How to Bring a Hippie Nuance in the Bedroom for a More Crowded Look

From the ’60s until now, the hippie style is thick with the use of a mix of bright, quirky colors. Usually, many bright colors are combined together and produce colors that collide. These colors will not only make the atmosphere more cheerful but will also make the room more beautiful.

Bright Colors in Bedroom
Bright Colors in Bedroom

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The hippie-style bedroom design is very thick with natural nuances. Like being in free space, this bedroom is not separated from plants, wood, and rattan. The use of furniture such as tables and chairs made of wood and rattan will add to the thick style of this one. You can also add other natural elements such as potted plants that you can place on the table or in a certain corner in the bedroom.

Etnik Motif in Bedroom
Etnik Motif with Hippie Nuance Bedroom

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In addition, the presence of a hippie bedroom decoration that is close to classic and unique nuances will add to the aesthetics of the bedroom you have. Such as the use of kilim motifs which can be seen on wall decorations, to mattresses.

Hanging Lantern in Bedroom
Hanging Lantern in Bedroom

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You can take advantage of natural lighting from the sun during the day. But at night, you can use warm lighting from a lamp that you can wrap over the bed. However, choose a lamp that has a classic style or a simple design using natural light frame materials with pale yellow or reddish lighting like this hanging lantern so that it can give the room a warmer feel.

Nature Element in Bedroom
Nature Element in Hippie Nuance Bedroom

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That’s ideas about Hippie Nuance in Bedroom. Hope it inspires.

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