How to Arrange a 3×4 Bedroom to Make it Look Spacious

3×4 Bedroom is one of the bedroom sizes that may be owned by several people. To arrange a bedroom of that size is sometimes a challenge for some people.

The bedroom is one of the areas in the house that is usually used as a private room to rest and explore one’s hobbies. Some people may have a spacious bedroom, but what about those who have a narrow bedroom. Of course, this can hinder the activities we normally do at home.

Starting from a very limited place to store things to a feeling of claustrophobia which might cause problems for sufferers. Therefore, a bedroom of this size must be accompanied by maximizing the available space, so that the size of a bedroom with the limited size is no longer a problem.

Not only that, if you have creativity, arranging a 3×4 bedroom is not an obstacle to exploring the design of the room. But before that, you need to prioritize the functional aspects, simplicity, comfort, modernity, to the present. Because in designing and decorating a bedroom with a size of 3×4 it is necessary to think carefully.

Well, here is our role in helping you. There are several easy ways you can do to organize your bedroom so that it can help you overcome these problems. Let’s take a look at the following review.

How to Arrange a 3×4 Bedroom to Make it Look Spacious

There are 3 important elements that you previously need to pay attention to, namely the selection of concepts, color palettes, and the furniture that you will use.

A bedroom with a size of 3×4, a minimalist bedroom concept seems to be one of the best choices. Not only because it will look simple but attractive, a design like this is also not too expensive.

The second thing is the selection of a color palette. Because this can affect the atmosphere of the bedroom. Bright colors like white are known to make a room look wider, especially if there is sunlight coming in. Then you can combine it with neutral colors or pastel colors.

White Color Dominations For Bedroom
White Color Dominations For 3×4 Bedroom

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The last thing you should also pay attention to is the selection of furniture such as mattresses. You can choose a bed that has a two-in-one function that can be used multiple times. Like the use of a loft bed.

Where the mattress can not only be a comfortable place to rest and sleep but also other rooms or functional storage areas. But make sure to use a custom mattress so that the size, model, and color can be adjusted to your minimalist 3×4 bedroom design.

Loftbed For Bedroom 3x4
Loftbed For 3×4 Bedroom

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That’s an idea on how to arrange a 3×4 bedroom. Hopefully, it will inspire.

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