How to Apply Rococo Style to the Master Bedroom

Rococo Style to the Master Bedroom seems like an amazing idea to try. Because it will display a luxurious and elegant impression in the bedroom but still displays a rococo feel that is thick with elements that are interesting, cheerful, witty, and full of decorativeness.

How to Apply Rococo Style to the Master Bedroom
How to Apply Rococo Style to the Master Bedroom

The rococo design itself is one of the design styles that was born and developed in France in the 18th century AD as a reaction to the rigid principles of the Baroque artistic style. At that time, the bourgeoisie or the French elite had indeed accepted Rococo as a new art style from the start.

The term Rococo itself is a combination of the French term “Rocaille” which means garden ornaments and home interiors with shell motifs, and the Italian term “Barocco” which means “an extraordinarily beautiful gem, or something beautifully depicted. charming and unique”. Therefore, the Rococo style symbolizes love, curves love like a shell, and focus on building decoration. So do not be surprised if the word “Rococo” is used as a term to describe a form of luxurious artistic style.

You can also apply this style as a concept or theme to a room in your home, one of which is the bedroom. But some people are confused about presenting a typical French royal atmosphere with Rococo style for the bedroom. Well, here we give some ideas about Rococo Style to the Master Bedroom. Let’s see the review.

How to Apply Rococo Style to the Master Bedroom

The Rococo style can be said to be a continuation of the Baroque Style. But the difference is, the Rococo style has a lighter, natural theme with the dominance of organic lines, and is full of decorative elements with brighter and cheerful colors, striking and soft.

You can apply pastel colors such as purple, salmon, or pink derivatives to paint the walls of the room. Not only that, but you can also use it as wallpaper, floor or carpet, and furniture such as mattresses, tables, chairs, drawers, curtains, to special furniture such as pillows, blankets, flower vases, and others.

The cheerful Rococo style makes the design accentuates the asymmetrical aspect and uses a lot of curved lines that are dominated by gold elements. One of the very strong characteristics of Rococo art in the shape of the shell which is almost always present in motifs or ornaments of ornate patterns that are identical to intricate patterns.

The Rococo style also focuses on decorative arts. You can design your bedroom as a total work of art with elegant furniture with floral motifs, shells, and plants, small statues, vases, and mirrors full of ornaments, motifs, and carvings, rugs that complement the architecture, reliefs.

Well, that’s a glimpse of the idea of ​​​​Rococo Style to the Master Bedroom. Hope it inspires.

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