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Can You Sue a Store if You’re Injured Because of a Worker’s Negligence?

Shopping is great fun, and most people enjoy going to stores to find the things they need every day. Most people in America don’t make their own products, so we depend on stores for the items we need to live our lives. Online shopping is popular, but you are still likely to enter a store or business at least once a day.

Whether you are getting some coffee at your local gas station, or getting some cash from your bank, you expect to be safe when you’re at another’s business. There are laws that require business owners to keep their stores and buildings safe for guests and visitors, and if they violate those laws, they can be held liable for it.

What About a Business’s Workers? Can the Store Be Sued when Workers Make Negligent Mistakes?

Sometimes the store or business owner doesn’t necessarily cause a person to be injured, but they can be held liable for what their employees do. For instance, if a storeowner doesn’t provide proper training for workers, and those workers make negligent mistakes, the property owner can be held responsible.

Stores and other business owners are expected to train their workers to watch out for property hazards and alert management of any dangers. If the property owner fails to implement policies that protect visitors, or they fail to enforce those policies, the property owners should be held responsible for any injuries sustained on their properties.

Suing the Property Owner for Your Injuries and Damages

If you’ve been injured because of a worker’s negligence, you are sure to suffer financially because of your injuries. This means money out of your bank account, and this can affect your financial stability. So what do you do if you have been injured because of a property hazard at a store or business? 

You can file an injury claim against those responsible. Property owners are required to obtain insurance designed to provide monetary compensation for those who’ve been wrongfully injured on their properties. You can be compensated for your injuries, medical expenses, lost income, physical pain, and related mental and emotional trauma.

You Deserve Compensation when a Store or Store Worker Caused You to Be Injured

When you’ve been injured because of a storeowner or business owner’s negligence, you can contact a lawyer for assistance with your claim, such as Nye Law Group, who assists with injury claims of all kinds.

Keep Home Your Own is committed to providing information on how you can protect yourself financially when one of life’s unexpected events arises. 

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