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Birth Injuries Can Cause Financial Hardship for the Family

When legal issues come home, stop them at the threshold. 

Most people don’t think about the effects of a birth injury on the entire family until the situation happens to them. When a child suffers a birth injury, you are probably devastated. Your precious child was born with an injury, and there’s nothing you can do to fix it or take back what happened to them. 

You would sacrifice your own health if it meant your child could be well, but life doesn’t work that way, does it? In addition to the mental and emotional trauma you are going through, a birth injury will likely affect you financially, as well. A Louisville birth injury lawyer reported to Keep Home Your Own that financial damages are especially high for the family of a birth injury victim.

Financial Damages the Family of a Birth Injury Victim Suffers

  • The family will likely have to pay medical treatment related to the doctor. This can get expensive quickly, depending on the type of birth injury. For instance, a child born with cerebral palsy may require surgery to correct some of the broken bones and nerve damage that occurred during birth.
  • The family may also have to pay for expensive medications. Depending on the family’s insurance, this could be financially devastating for them.
  • Physical therapy can be used to treat some types of birth injuries, and this is another pricey treatment.
  • The family may also be paying the costs of alternative treatments. They may decide to use other types of treatments to treat their child’s birth injuries. Some of these treatments may require out-of-pocket expenses.
  • One of the family members might have to sacrifice their job in order to stay home and care for a child with a birth injury. This sacrifice could mean a significant loss of income.
  • The family could also be dealing with transportation expenses arising from hospital and treatment visits.

Filing a Claim for a Birth Injury

As you can see, birth injuries can create extraordinary financial losses for the family. If your child’s birth injury was brought about by another person’s negligence, such as a doctor or nurse, you might be able to sue to recover compensation. 

Compensation could be used to pay for these birth injury-related expenses. You could also be awarded compensation for your emotional distress, for the baby’s development issues, for the baby’s physical pain, and for other non-financial losses.

Keep Home Your Own, One Legal Issue at a Time

Birth injuries devastate families in a number of ways, and financial effects are huge and could destroy your family’s financial stability. We hope this information can help you if your child has suffered a birth injury.

When you visit us here at Keep Home Your Own, you can bet that you’ll receive honest legal information that can help you avoid financial upset in your life. 

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