5 Unexpected Places That You Can Turn Into a Bookshelf

Bookshelf is one of the storage places that also has many benefits at home. This versatile shelf can not only be used as a storage container for books but also can present a very effective decorative accent and be a beautiful accessory for the interior arrangement.

5 Unexpected Places That You Can Turn Into a Bookshelf
5 Unexpected Places That You Can Turn Into a Bookshelf

Some of you would love to read books, right? Books are also known as windows to the world. Because with books we don’t need to go anywhere but still get knowledge from it. Therefore reading becomes a hobby for most people, from children to adults. Some of us also certainly set aside some money to buy books. But this good habit usually ends with a pile of books in a room or in several places.

For that, you need a storage area that you can use as a place to store your books to make them tidier. For some people, of course, there is nothing more fun than having a special place to store collections as well as a place to relax. Having a bookshelf in the room in the house with a favorite design will not only give pleasure but also give a new touch to your home.

But some of us are confused about what kind of bookshelf to make and where to put it. That’s why we are here to help you. Here we give some ideas about bookshelves that you can place in the following unexpected places. Let’s see the review.

5 Unexpected Places That You Can Turn Into a Bookshelf

Some of you must have a terraced house and use stairs to reach it. But stairs are not just a path of achievement between rooms, you can also use them as a bookshelf. You can make a bookshelf on the stairs like this. This plywood bookshelf can be an interesting place to decorate stairs and can save space in your home.

In addition to the stairs themselves, you can also use the stairs guardrail to be used as a bookshelf. Not only that, but you can also display decorative objects or art objects that you can replace when bored or put ornamental plants around books to make the bookshelf look more alive.

You can also place a multifunctional bookcase made of wood to be applied to an empty and plain wall. In addition to saving space, arranging books on the wall like this will make it easier for you and your child to store books properly.

Besides the library, you also need space to relax next to the bedroom, right? For that, you can take advantage of the empty space in the middle of the shelf as a place to sit, read a book, or lie down.

Book lovers often arrange book collections with bookshelves as a means of complementing the library at home. Some of them have designs that may be boring. But you can work around this by arranging the bookshelf to make it more attractive so that it can beautify the decor of your home and room. Like a chair equipped with the following bookshelf.

Hope it inspires.

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