5 Attractive Ways to Decorate a Rooftop with a Gypsi Bohemian Style

Gypsi Bohemian Style or also known as boho or boho chic is a term used to refer to the style of the Bohemian community, namely Gypsy. These people are synonymous with a nomadic life or like to move from one place to another.

5 Attractive Ways to Decorate a Rooftop with a Gypsy Bohemian Style
5 Attractive Ways to Decorate a Rooftop with a Gypsi Bohemian Style

This style itself emerged around the mid-1800s but quickly spread throughout the world and influenced almost everything from fashion, art to architecture, to interiors. The most important point that is the main characteristic of this style is the freedom it embraces. Where freedom is the mixture of material elements, patterns, textures, and colors to create a liberal and very attractive space.

Another form of freedom and simplicity that can be seen from them is the clothes they wear. They are often seen wearing colorful clothes, mostly tie-dye techniques that produce unexpected shapes. In addition to shirts with tie-dye motifs, they also usually use stacked bracelets, headbands, vests, or shirts with tassel accents that add to the quirky impression. For this reason, these things are the most prominent characteristics of this style.

So how to apply the free and attractive Gypsi Bohemian Style in the interior design of the house, especially the rooftop? Well, that’s why we are here to help you. Let’s look at the following review of the following Gypsi Bohemian Style.

5 Attractive Ways to Decorate a Rooftop with a Gypsi Bohemian Style

The bohemian style in the 80s was thick with the use of a mix of quirky bright colors. The colorful colors will not only make the atmosphere more cheerful but will also make the room more beautiful. Not only colors, various motifs, and patterns are also widely used.

Next is the use of furniture that looks antique and old which is also a feature of this style. You can use some furniture such as vintage tables and chairs to be placed on your rooftop.

Lighting a room with a bohemian style will be very influential. Both natural lighting and lighting from lamps will produce a different atmosphere for the room. For the rooftop itself, of course, you can maximize natural light from the sun, but for additional lights, you can put a classic chandelier or a lantern with an ethnic style that can be used to strengthen the bohemian style on your rooftop. But make sure your lamp uses a classic-style lamp or a simple design using natural light frame materials with pale yellow or reddish lighting.

For decoration, you can present a boho-style rooftop that is thick with a gypsy culture that lives in the wild by adding natural elements such as potted plants that you can place on the table or in the corner of the rooftop. In addition, you can also bring special furniture such as objects from pottery and wicker in the form of baskets.

That’s the idea of ​​Gypsy Bohemian Style. Hope it inspires.

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