4 Outstanding Characteristics You Can Find in Victorian Design Libraries

Victorian Design Libraries is one of the most popular ideas to date because of its appearance which is inspired by the Victorian Empire style with a classic and luxurious feel that attracts attention.

4 Outstanding Characteristics You Can Find in Victorian Design Libraries
4 Outstanding Characteristics You Can Find in Victorian Design Libraries

You must be wondering, what is Victorian style? Is the style attractive so that many people love it? Well, we will explain all of that briefly. Through the following review.

Victorian architecture or Victorian Style is one of the design concepts that emerged and was popular in the era of 1837 and 1901. The name Victorian itself is certainly taken from the name of the highest ruler who was leading the government at that time, Queen Victoria. The design itself is an interpretation of nature and geometry, so don’t be surprised if the designs and decorations are full of motifs and colors.

Since then, the Victorian style has been widely applied to several elements, ranging from buildings, interiors, exteriors to fashion. You certainly can’t miss it. For that, you can apply this style to a room in your home. But if the bedroom, living room, or kitchen seems ordinary, you can apply this design to the library.

But before that, you need to consider several things before applying this concept, of course, where you need to know in advance the characteristics of Victorian Design Libraries. For that, here we provide a review for you.

4 Outstanding Characteristics You Can Find in Victorian Design Libraries

1. Colors are Important in Victorian Design

Color is one of the important things in this style because it can be used to show the importance of showing a room, just like in a library. Because it is synonymous with the impression of luxury, it is not surprising if this design uses one that will make the appearance of a room like a library also look luxurious. Usually, the colors used are tertiary colors, which are made by mixing primary and secondary colors in equal amounts.

Neutral colors with darker shades such as brown, mahogany brown, burgundy, plum, mustard yellow, gold, sage, olive green, and lavender you can present in your library. These glamorous colors when applied with a firm composition will make the existing furniture look more luxurious.

2. Quality Wood Furniture

Most of the furniture in the Victorian style uses quality wood such as oak, mahogany, and rosewood as the base. These quality woods will produce beautiful and sturdy furniture that can be used for a long time.

5. Distinctive Patterns and Carvings on Furniture

Patterns and carvings are found in some Victorian Design Libraries furniture. Several patterns and carvings such as flora, fauna, geometric, and many lines play a big part in creating an authentic Victorian style. Not only that but some of the furniture is also equipped with tassels that seem attractive and luxurious.

4. Luxurious Material as a Supporting Accent

The Victorian-style also involves several luxurious materials for supporting accents such as brocade, velvet, and embroidery are also present to enliven the design. This is because this style really likes something very classy and high art.

Well, those are some of the characteristics of Victorian Design Libraries. Hope it inspires.

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