4 Attractive Color Combinations That Can Be Applied To Teenage Boys Bedroom

Teenage Boys Bedroom is one of the rooms that is no less important for us to pay attention to. This area is where they grow, explore what they like, and suppress what they don’t. Therefore, in decorating the young men’s room, it is done with careful planning.

One of the most important things to consider when choosing furniture is safety. Therefore, the selection of furniture must be adjusted to their age and needs. In addition, color is also a major factor and key to creating a cool atmosphere for young men according to their age.

There are many color choices that you can try to decorate a teenage boy’s bedroom into a comfortable and inspiring area according to them. However, due to their age and hormones that tend to be labyrinthine, it is better to choose colors carefully and in a planned manner. Well, here we provide ideas about some colors that you can choose when you want to design your teenage daughter’s bedroom. Let’s look at the following reviews about Teenage Boys Bedroom.

4 Attractive Color Combinations That Can Be Applied To Teenage Boys Bedroom

1. Black and White Monochrome Color Blend

Monochrome is a theme that is always popular because of its ability to present an elegant atmosphere. Monochromatic or monochrome color is a display using one hue or a combination of two black, white, or gray colors. This is because the white color will make a minimalist home feel clean and spacious. While the black color will create a masculine and elegant impression.

Black and White Bedroom
Black and White Bedroom

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Although it sounds simple because it is only dominated by one color, a bedroom design like this will look luxurious and majestic. Especially if it is supported by a touch of the latest technology. You can apply a combination of black and white to produce a more masculine and elegant bedroom appearance.

We found this idea from https://decoredo.com/

2. Bedroom with a Nautical Theme

The Nautical theme is one of those unique concepts that you can try. This one concept combines sharp lines with clean colors which can be an opportunity to delve into more nautical or beach themes. You can bring this design style to show a different feel in your bedroom. You can apply several colors that match the nautical theme such as navy blue and white.

Coastal Southampton Bedroom in Blue and White
Coastal Southampton Teenage Boys Bedroom in Blue and White

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The combination of navy blue and white can be an alternative color choice that can create a neutral look without overdoing it. You can apply this to a teenage boy’s minimalist-style bedroom to make it look striking and contrasting with an atmosphere that still feels comfortable. In addition to simple color combinations, some supporting decorations can also add comfort.

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3. Pastel Color Combinations

A teenage boy’s bedroom can also be designed by choosing the right wall paint color. Like pastel colors that are dominated by calm colors, namely light blue, light pink, and light gray. You can also freely play with other soft and bright colors to produce a bedroom with a warm and comfortable atmosphere while maintaining a cool impression that is not excessive.

Pastel Color Bedroom
Pastel Color in Teenage Boys Bedroom

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We found this idea from https://3wheel.net/

4. Minimalist Theme with Warm Impression

Different from the others, this bedroom looks functional and comfortable to use. This is because the bedroom has a small size so it is suitable for use by teenage boys who live in dormitories. Besides being attractive, the bed also has a storage area. Where the shelves used are not only used to store books but can also function as wall decorations.

Minimalist Theme Bedroom
Minimalist Theme in Teenage Boys Bedroom

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We found this idea from https://sawhd.com/

That’s ideas about Teenage Boys Bedroom. Hope it inspires.

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