3 Easy Ways To Bring A Modern Art Deco Theme To The Bedroom For A Stronger Atmosphere

Modern Art Deco Theme is one of the design concepts that emerged at the end of the 19th century. The style, which was influenced by the Industrial Revolution in England, became a design concept that combines modern with a very thick decorative interior. Not only that, the art deco design also places great emphasis on freedom of expression, and is synonymous with artistic, aesthetic, and luxury elements.

At that time, many inventions of factory machines created something very difficult for humans to create, namely a straight line. This style gave freedom to the designers at that time to create modern meaning in the designs they made.

This modern style is one of the design concepts that combine several types of styles that were popular in the 20th century, such as Cubism, Futurism, Bauhaus, Constructivism, and Art Nouveau. Not only that, but this style also takes ancient design ideas such as Egypt, Syria, and Persia.

Although it has existed since a century ago, art deco-style designs are still popular today. Many of them apply this design style as a concept, interior, or exterior in every room in their house. One of them is the bedroom.

Modern Art Deco style bedroom itself can be one of the design choices that you really need to consider. This theme itself is synonymous with the appearance of masculinity with clear lines so that it will display a graceful and luxurious impression in your bedroom.

But before that, you should know the main characteristics that you can find in this unique design to make it easier to apply. Let’s see the following review about Modern Art Deco Theme.

3 Easy Ways To Bring A Modern Art Deco Theme To The Bedroom For A Stronger Atmosphere

The first characteristic that is often found in Modern Art Deco-style bedrooms is the color selection that knows no boundaries. This style is very famous for its creativity but with a modern and distinctive look. Therefore, it is not surprising that some of the designs use bright colors that seem striking. Even so, these colors will be combined with colors that tend to be warm with the dominance of neutral colors such as gray or brown with wood elements.

The Right Color Scheme
The Right Color Scheme in Modern Art Deco Theme Bedroom

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The second characteristic you can find in the furniture used, which is the result of a harmonious combination of different shapes and colors. The materials used vary, such as wood, iron, or aluminum, to concrete.

Diverse Material Combinations
Diverse Material Combinations in Modern Art Deco Theme Bedroom

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Another interesting thing about art deco design is the incorporation of many things that are usually applied in the bedroom. One of them is a contrasting decoration detail, but it can still look harmonious. Like a combination of various shapes, ornaments, textures, and colors that will give an abstract impression of its own.

Decoration Detail
Decoration Detail in Modern Art Deco Theme

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That’s ideas about Modern Art Deco Theme. Hope it inspires.

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