Top 5 Design Concepts That Bring Wood As The Main Material Of Furniture

Wood as the main material is often seen in several concept designs. This natural material is often used as a basic material for furniture because the color tends to be warm and can provide a natural touch.

Top 5 Design Concepts That Bring Wood As The Main Material Of Furniture
Top 5 Design Concepts That Bring Wood As The Main Material Of Furniture

Currently, there are many design concepts that you can apply as the theme of a room in your home. Some of the existing concepts often use materials such as metal, brick, glass to wood. But some may not be suitable considering some of you may be constrained by budget, lack of time, and effort. One of the natural materials that are easy to find and quite cheap is wood.

Wood is flexible, versatile, and one of the raw materials for sustainable construction. Where usually obtained from the felling of trees, both in natural forests, industrial plantations. There are several types of wood commonly used for construction purposes such as Teak Wood, Merbau Wood, Red Meranti Wood, Camphor Wood, Agarwood Wood, and Ulin Wood.

Especially for wood elements, it seems that this material is indeed used in almost all design concepts. But there may be something you don’t like. Therefore, we describe some design concepts that use Wood As The Main Material Of Furniture the most. Let’s see the review.

Top 5 Design Concepts That Bring Wood As The Main Material Of Furniture

1. Farmhouse Design

Farmhouse design is synonymous with the use of warm elements such as wood and stone enhanced with village-style furniture that emphasizes natural elements but has undergone refinement or addition of paint, as well as cutting from the use of modern furniture to give a more presentable appearance.

2. Rustic Designs

Rustic design is a theme inspired by nature, so the furniture used often uses natural elements such as wood. Rustic is similar to a farmhouse design, the difference is that the rustic style comes with a completely natural appearance, with the use of rough wood furniture without polishing or paint and furniture that is intentionally made to show untidy sides and cuts.

3. Industrial Design

Industrial Design is famous for its unfinished characteristics. The hallmark of this building is identical to the use of metal-based materials, and the brick walls with the ground floor usually use wood, concrete, or cement. In addition, another feature of this style is the use of unusual decorations and interiors.

4. Vintage Design

Vintage design is a style that uses decorative items, where the use of materials also mostly uses natural materials such as wood.

5. Scandinavian Design

Scandinavian design is one of the contemporary design styles that also uses wood as furniture. However, this wood element usually does not appear dominant and is applied to the floor, ceiling, or furniture. Not only that, in this design, the wood element does not have a contrasting color, because usually light brown and white colors are usually the choice to present the wood element.

That’s the idea of ​​Wood As The Main Material. Hope it inspires.

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