The Main Characteristics of a Scandinavian Living Room You Should Know

Scandinavian Living Room is one concept that you can try this year. How not, with this concept your living room will look simple but attractive and unique. You will not feel sorry when applying this concept to the living room in your home.

As we know, Scandinavian Style is a contemporary design style that is currently popular. Many people make this one style a practical choice in realizing their dream home. The Scandinavian concept itself can be applied from the living room to the personal workspace.

Actually, the Scandinavian concept was first introduced around the ’50s, at which time, a touch of nature was added. This design style, which is also known as the Nordic style, is part of the development of an interior design that respects various elements of crafts or crafts so that the appearance still looks elegant. Simplicity but functional is the main key for the extra comfort you can get.

You can also apply this contemporary style to your living room design. But before that, you need to know the characteristics and characters of the Scandinavian design so you don’t apply it wrongly. Here we provide the characteristics and outlines of the Scandinavian Interior style that you can easily recognize.

The Main Characteristics of a Scandinavian Living Room You Should Know

1. Dominant Neutral Color Character

Scandinavian design is a concept that is not far from bright colors that tend to be neutral and subtle. This is because this design depicts the impression of being neat, clean, and warm. In addition, subtle colors can also give a spacious impression to the room and can be combined with various colors without the impression of colliding when combined. Generally, white and black are usually the dominant colors in Scandinavian interior concepts, until then they are refined with other light and soft colors that also tend to be neutral. You can use light blue, light gray, or other neutral pastel colors.

Dominant Neutral Color Character
Dominant Neutral Color Character in Scandinavian Living Room

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2. Decoration with Minimal Details

The choice of decoration in the Scandinavian style, the priority is a simple but neat style because previously neutral and bright colors dominated the room. This also applies to the selection of furniture which is also very minimal in terms of detail. Because it applies a simple style that leads to minimalism without complicated details. Even so, wood elements are also widely seen in the living room.

Decoration with Minimal Details
Decoration with Minimal Detailsin Scandinavian Living Room

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3. Large Aperture To Provide Maximum Natural Light

The bright nuance in the Scandinavian Interior is not only obtained from the colors used, but also because the openings in the Scandinavian-style interior design are also relatively large so that the incoming natural lighting can be maximized. The presence of large openings such as windows allows natural light and fresh air into the room, making the room more comfortable and fresh.

Large Aperture To Provide Maximum Natural Light
Large Aperture To Provide Maximum Natural Light in Scandinavian Living Room

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What are ideas about the Main Characteristics of a Scandinavian Living Room. Hope it inspires.

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