How to Present Luxury Victorian Style to the Bedroom

Luxury Victorian Style is an architectural, interior, and decorative design concept that emerged in the Middle Ages. The concept that became the most popular interior design until 1901 refers to the reign of Queen Victoria, known as the Victorian Era.

The Victorian concept itself is actually inspired by nature and geometry. Not only that but this style is also inspired by the royal residence of the British nobles at that time. Therefore, do not be surprised if the impression of luxury, class, and elegance radiates perfectly from the design.

The architecture of the Victorian-style house generally features large and magnificent buildings with intricate but distinctive ornaments and carvings. The furniture used is also a blend of classic traditional designs and contemporary modern. Meanwhile, the interior design looks luxurious, majestic, and classy which symbolizes modern optimism, enthusiasm and provides an elegant accent.

Although this concept had receded in the 1990s, it has again attracted the attention of many people because it is considered to have high artistic value and its own uniqueness. Currently, the Victorian concept is widely applied as the theme of a room, one of which is the bedroom.

You can also present this design concept and then apply it to your bedroom. But first, you need to know how right? That’s why we are here to help you. Here we provide ideas about Luxury Victorian Style for you. Let’s just look at the review.

How to Present Luxury Victorian Style to the Bedroom

The Victorian Bedroom usually displays the impression of luxury and class because it is decorated like a kingdom which is dominated by the use of patterned wallpapers, curtains, and colorful displays of its own strength.

Luxury Victorian Style
Luxury Victorian Style

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You can start by choosing a color scheme that matches Victoria’s characteristics. Choose pastel colors that seem soft that highlight an elegant impression such as white, beige, brown, dark red, dark green, purple, yellow, orange, to gold. Not only that, but striking motifs also characterize this style.

Next, you can look for some hand-carved and intricately carved furniture with certain shapes which are also the most striking feature of the Victorian style. You can try it on mattresses, sofas, dressing tables, mirrors, photo frames, and chandeliers in the room. The presence of various carvings and paintings on furniture and decorative ornaments makes this design style seem luxurious and elegant. Carved furniture will certainly be something that is most suitable when paired with a mattress or other brightly colored elements.

That’s the idea of ​​the Luxury Victorian Style. Hope it inspires.

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