4 Fabulous Office Designs with Open Space Concepts That You Can Copy

Office Designs with Open Space Concepts is one of the trends that are currently increasingly popular. How not, we can not only move with a fresh atmosphere like outdoor but also can move freely in it even though the place is an indoor area. Concepts like this are getting a lot of attention and are widely applied to several residences. Not only that, this concept is increasingly being seen in several buildings such as offices.

4 Fabulous Office Designs with Open Space Concepts That You Can Copy
4 Fabulous Office Designs with Open Space Concepts That You Can Copy

An office is a place where workers usually spend most of their time. Therefore, it is not surprising that some offices have been made as comfortable as possible. The office design itself includes interior and exterior from the selection of furniture, equipment, room size to the color, air circulation, and good lighting. All of that, of course, aims to make this office design with open space concepts a comfortable space.

Now, entering a new era, of course, we want something different in the office where we work, therefore we can design our office as comfortable and unique as possible. One concept that we can apply is Open Space.

The trend of the unpartitioned office area is getting more and more popular nowadays. This concept itself was adopted from the layout of the coworking space. Where employees who work are not separated by any partitions so that the workspace looks quite spacious and makes the relationship between staff or employees closer so that cooperation increases.

But some of you may be confused about applying this concept in the office where you work. Well, especially for you, don’t worry, because we have a solution. Here we provide ideas for some Office Designs with Open Space Concepts ideas that can be in the office. Let’s see the following review.

4 Fabulous Office Designs with Open Space Concepts That You Can Copy

You can design a room where employees work with an open concept. Structuring a workspace like this is fairly simple and practical. Because it allows each employee to occupy a special table or a table for several employees at once. Not only that, the application of a design like this will also provide a comfortable workspace and will make the office look more spacious and airy with good light circulation, making it easier for employees to interact, discuss in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Meeting or conference rooms or usually known as areas specifically held for corporate meetings, various presentation events. Usually, this room is synonymous with a stiff and tense atmosphere that makes it difficult for employees to even feel uncomfortable and not free to discuss. Therefore, you can apply the concept of open space to provide a warmer atmosphere so that it will help you and your team to discuss and get ideas or solutions easily and quickly.

The pantry is an area for storing food and various kitchen utensils. In this place also employees can relax. Therefore, the pantry must be designed as comfortably as possible in order to present a strong family atmosphere.

The Duplication Room is an area where there are high-speed photocopying and printer services that companies need. This area which is the place for the two employees to interact casually after the pantry can also be applied with the concept of open space.

Those are some design ideas about Office Designs with Open Space Concepts that you can apply to the office where you work. Hope it inspires.

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