3 Amazing Room Combination Designs with Mezzanines

Room Combination Designs with Mezzanines is one of the interesting ideas that you shouldn’t try. How not, the concept of a house with mezzanines is indeed quite popular. You could say these mezzanines are a solution to the problem of limited space.

3 Amazing Room Combination Designs with Mezzanines
3 Amazing Room Combination Designs with Mezzanines

Mezzanines themselves become one of the bridges that limit one room to another. This place is usually an area or floor, or additional functional space and is usually located in the middle of a building wall or between the floor and the ceiling.

The concept of a room with a mezzanine has indeed become popular and is in great demand. Apart from saving space, your home also looks cooler than before. The mezzanine design is very suitable to be applied to large-sized dwellings or even simple houses built on mini-land.

Currently, the existence of mezzanines is often used to take advantage of the height in certain rooms, not only that, but mezzanines are also suitable for various additional activities that do not require full height to the ceiling. Mezzanines are also known as open balconies because they are higher than the floor and connected by stairs, you can use them as another room. In essence, the mezzanine acts as a liaison between one room and another.

Some of you may be confused about applying a mezzanine to any room, right?. Well, that’s why we are here to help you find a solution. Let’s look at the following reviews of Room Combination Designs with Mezzanines.

3 Amazing Room Combination Designs with Mezzanines

1. A Library with a Reading Place above the Kitchen

You can apply the Mezzanine concept to those of you who like to read. You can apply a mezzanine design like this to your small dwelling to have a large enough book storage area. Not only that, the library room, as well as the reading room, is the next place you can try with a kitchen mezzanine at the bottom.

2. A Bed with a Workspace Underneath

The bedroom basically does not need full height to the ceiling so it can be combined vertically with other functions above or below it. You can make the space under the bed a workspace by adding furniture such as cabinets, storage shelves, tables, and chairs.

3. Workspace with Family Room Below

You can apply the mezzanine workspace above which is filled for the family room or living room below. You can combine minimalist and Scandinavian concepts at the same time.

That’s an idea about Room Combination Designs with Mezzanines that you can try. Hope it inspires.

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